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I know what lies ahead.

I Hear His Whisper . . .

Let me tell you about your future. It’s nothing like your past. I have shaped you with my hands and prepared you for all that is coming. Set your eyes on me, and I will never disappoint you. You will not be taken captive by the fear of this age. For I am the God of the heavens. I see all that is coming, and I know that you will be held fast by my hand. Difficulties will come, but so will a greater outpouring of my presence inside you. The days will grow darker, but you, my chosen one, will carry my glory and reveal your Father in heaven. Though the earth may quake, your heart will remain at peace, for my covenant of love cannot be broken. Sit in my glory until you see as I see. Understanding will fill your heart, and the hope within you will expand and overwhelm any fear. I know what is ahead of you: days of light and glory, years of delight and praise. Never, never give in to the despair around you, but fill your heart with revelation-light.

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