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Your Greatest Protection

I will offer you a sacrifice of thanksgiving, and call on the name of the Lord. —Psalm 116:17 (NLT)

If you want to have a thankful heart, you must work to protect it. Remember that you live in a fallen world, full of sin. Both blessings and sorrows are all around you, and they are mixed up together. Work to keep your heart and mind focused on the good things.

Too many of My children choose to focus on the hard times and the trouble. They walk through a day filled with beauty and brightness, and they see only the gray of sorrow and sin. They forget to look for My blessings, and darkness fills their minds.

Thankfulness is your greatest protection against that darkness. When your heart is thankful, you know that the Light of My Presence is shining on you. And you can walk through even the grayest day with Joy in your heart. Psalm 118:24 ~Jesus Calling - King Kids

Have a Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

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