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Breaking Bread with Jesus

Dear Friend, During His time on earth, Jesus spent more time with His disciples than anyone else. They got to know His voice, thoughts, mannerisms, pet peeves and perhaps even His unique facial expressions. When He was crucified, they were devastated in ways to which few of us can relate. So, when He appeared to two of them on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-34), Jesus prevented them from recognizing Him at first, so He could learn their true passions and feelings about His death. But as Luke 24:29-31 points out, their eyes were opened to everything, including who He really was when He broke the bread and gave it to them. This action closely resembles His actions in the Last Supper, when He taught them and forewarned them of what was to come. In the intimate act of eating with the Master, these two disciples knew who He was and they were immediately encouraged. When life drags you down and your struggles seem unbearable, your ability to rise above it all hinges on your intimate communion and abiding with Christ. Do you spend time with Him, praying and reading His words? Just as you spend time with your family, sharing your joys and sorrows with them, do you share all your burdens and victories with Christ? In short, do you live as though you are in Him? Do you abide? Effective kingdom prayer is entirely dependent upon your abiding relationship with Jesus Christ.

For His kingdom,

Tony Evans

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