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Don’t Divide Up Your Life

Trust in the LORD and do good. —Psalm 37:3 I want you to learn to trust Me in all things. Not just the big things, and not just the things you know you need help with. All things. Don’t divide up your life into what you can do by yourself and what you need My help with. Don’t say to yourself, “I’ve got my weekend figured out, but I’ll let Jesus figure out my life.” Or, “I can handle this argument with my friend, but I need Jesus’ help with this big trouble at home.” Train your mind to constantly seek My help and My way—in every situation. Even when you are sure you know the right thing to do, double-check with Me. The more you trust Me, the more you will be able to enjoy life and face each day with confidence. Psalm 37:4–6; Philippians 4:19

~Jesus Calling-King Kids 👑

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