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God Has The Final Word

The way to overcome the emotional stronghold of despair, depression or hopelessness is to fast-forward through the tough times and look to the end. Look toward the place where you surrender your thoughts to the love, grace and faithfulness of God. When you do that, then the thing that is causing you to feel the way you do will no longer own you. Whatever is going wrong in your life will not have the last word. Remember, Satan may have “a” word, the doctor may have “a” word, your job, friends or spouse may have “a” word, but God always has the final word. Friend, God can take a mess and make a miracle if you put your hope in Him. He promises that those who hope in Him will not be disappointed (Isaiah 49:23). In fact, God is able to turn things around so completely and satisfy you so fully that he will do more than merely bring you out of your emotional bondage. He can even cause you to forget how deep it ever was. He can turn your emotional pain into victorious gain. For His kingdom,

Tony Evans

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