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High Jumper or Pole Vaulter?

Dear Friend,

When I’m exercising on the treadmill, I simultaneously watch the news or other programming on TV. Focusing on the news enables me to endure the weariness of the treadmill. Similarly, focusing on Jesus provides the spiritual enablement to successfully endure the trials and stresses life brings our way. Where you focus your faith matters. Faith is only as powerful as the object or being it’s placed in. Put your faith in the tooth fairy, and you won’t wind up with much of worth. On the contrary, God is real. He’s the object of our hope. If God were not real, then faith would be like grasping after air. Biblical faith isn’t just a feeling. Neither is it an attitude or simply an insignia on your T-shirt or hat. It’s more than a saying you post on social media. Biblical faith is grabbing hold of that which you cannot see in order to access the authority and activity of the One in whom you placed your faith. There’s a major difference between a high jumper and a pole vaulter. The high jumper depends on his or her ability to jump over the bar. The pole vaulter, however, depends on the pole to propel him or her much higher than they could ever jump on their own. Biblical faith is grabbing hold of Jesus Christ as the pole you lean on, which will enable you to go higher so you can rise above the pain and problems that seek to defeat you.

For His kingdom, Tony Evans

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