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I Never Run Out

I will bless her with plenty of food. I will fill her poor with food.—Psalm 132:15 (ICB)

I am the God of everything—both big and small. I am the God of the mountain and the pebble, the ocean and the puddle. Nothing is too big—or too small—for Me. So when you pray to Me, pray about the big and the small. I love to hear you pray about whatever is on your mind. The more you pray, the more answers you will get from Me. And your faith will be strengthened as you see My many answers in your life.

Because I am infinite—with no beginning and no end—I never run out of time, out of love, mercy, or forgiveness. I never run out of answers to your prayers. So come to Me with a thankful heart, expecting to receive all that you need. Then watch how I shower you—My beloved child—with blessings. ~Jesus Calling-King Kids

Psalm 36:7–9; John 6:12–13

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