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In Hard Times

By his power we live and move and exist.—Acts 17:28 (ICB)

Learn to appreciate hard times. I know that’s not easy to do. But as we face troubles and challenges together, your trust in Me will grow.

When you’re facing a tough time, think about these three things: your relationship with Me, My promises in the Bible, and past experiences of making it through hard times. Remember that you and I together can handle anything.

When you think about the other times I helped you, you may be tempted to say, “That was then; things are different now!” But remember who I am! Your situation may have changed, but I never do. I stay the same throughout time and eternity. Take this truth to heart, and let it inspire your confidence in Me. You live in Me. You walk in Me. You are in Me.~Jesus Calling -King Kids 👑

Isaiah 41:10; Psalm 102:27

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