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Pizza and Life’s Challenges

Dear Friend, Being prepared for your calling is like going to a pizzeria. I’m talking about a real pizza place, one where they make the pies on the spot. It all starts with a ball of dough. They roll the dough, pressing and mashing it. Then they start pounding on it. After banging it around for a while, they start throwing it up in the air and twirling it. That dough goes through a whole lot so that you and I can have the pleasure of eating it. But when you go to a pizzeria, you don’t ask for dough. You want the good stuff. You want the sauce, the cheese and maybe some meat or veggies on top. Everyone wants the good stuff, but you can’t get the good stuff until the dough has been prepared. In the same way, one has to be prepared for their calling. Sometimes, our preparation starts with some pressing and some mashing. Sometimes it means being tossed around or banged up for a little while. But this is only in preparation for the good stuff. Throughout life’s bumps and bruises, God is preparing you for the perfect destiny He has created you to live out. So don’t give up or throw in the towel and walk away when life’s challenges seem pointless or too painful. Keep your eyes focused on the destination—the end result—and you will find the strength for the journey that takes you there. There’s a glorious destiny awaiting you.

For His kingdom,

Tony Evans

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