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Put Faith over Fears

I have a challenge for you today. Place your faith over your fears. Easier said than done, you say? Consider it a test. Remember when you were in school and the teacher gave everyone a pop quiz? The purpose of that quiz was not to ask you questions you didn’t know the answers to; rather, it was to test your knowledge of things you should have already known. So it is with trusting God. His Word informs us about who He is, how He is, and how He desires greatly to provide for our needs. Consider the story of Jesus and His disciples in Mark 4:35-41. They went out on the sea in a boat when a terrible storm kicked up. The disciples feared for their lives, and the One whom they claimed to trust was sleeping in the boat. Eventually, He awoke and calmed the storm, and they were amazed. But why were they amazed? He had already revealed who He was to them, and still they were afraid. They knew the answers, but when the test was administered, they froze. Faith requires action. It means responding actively to the truth you know inside. Today, the storm is called COVID-19. It has wreaked havoc in so many lives and in so many ways. But regardless of what storm it is, please remember that the God who loves you can deliver you from it, and He will see you through to calmer seasons. For His kingdom,

Tony Evans

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