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Waiting to Help

Waiting to HelpDon’t make God’s Spirit sad. The Spirit makes you sure that someday you will be free from your sins.—Ephesians 4:30 (CEV)

When you choose not to trust Me, it hurts My heart and I grieve.

It hurts Me to see you struggle alone with problems, when I am just waiting to help you. It saddens Me to see you blindly walking through your day, not even noticing the blessings I have provided for you. And it grieves Me to see you ignore My loving Presence all around you.

But when you walk through your day trusting Me, I am overjoyed! I don’t expect your walk with Me to be perfect. I know that there will be times when your thoughts wander away from Me. But when you realize this has happened, just pull your thoughts back to Me. I’ll always be waiting. ~Jesus Calling-King Kids 👸🏾

Psalm 52:8; Deuteronomy 31:

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